Nordic Golf League Qualifying School 2020

General information

When: 2–3 October 2019
Where: The venues in Sweden are Allerum GK,  Vasatorp GC and Stockholm GK
Format: First stage is 18+18 holes
Cost: The qualifying school entry fee is 300 euros and includes the final stage

Who can enter?

Gender: Men
HCP limit: -3,4
Age: Minimum 13

Final stage

When: 11–12 October
Where: Denmark (venue TBD)
Number of spots:
A maximum total of 78 players will qualify to the final stage distributed as follows:

– Sweden: 42 players
– Denmark: 22 players
– Finland: 7 players
– Norway: 7 players

The number of players qualifying from each first stage venue is announced before the start of the first round. In the event of a tie for the final stage spot(s), a hole-by-hole play-off will be played to determine the final positions.

If a player who is qualified for the final stage chooses not to play, that spot is not available for any player outside those who are qualified.

Categories for 2020

Players in the final stage are competing for categories on the 2020 Nordic Golf League. At the conclusion of the Qualifying School Final Stage all players will be ranked according to score.

The leading 25 players (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 7 (or corresponding).

Players with position 26–50 (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 9 (or corresponding).

Players missing the cut will earn category 12 (or corresponding).

Ties within a category will be differentiated according to the mathematical method.