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Hey player, welcome to Nordic Golf Tour.

Nordic Golf Tour is a professional tour put together by the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish golf federations, as well as the PGA of Sweden.

Professionals and amateurs of all nationalities are welcome to enter. Hope to see you on the tour!

Schedule 2021

The following tournaments are confirmed for 2021. 

Prize funds may change. 

Date Tournament Venue Prize fund Info
May 27-29 PGA Championship by Trelleborgs Kommun Tegelberga GC, Sweden 50 000 EUR LETAS
July 29 - Aug 1 Swedish Matchplay Championship Johannesberg GC, Sweden 40 000 EUR LETAS
August 5-7 GolfUppsala Open GolfUppsala Söderby, Sweden 40 000 EUR LETAS
August 12-14 Anna Nordqvist Västerås Open by SmartProvider Västerås GC, Sweden 35 000 EUR LETAS
August 19-21 Allerum Open Allerum GC, Sweden 40 000 EUR LETAS
TBA TBA Norway

Future Series 

The developing tour of the Nordic Golf Tour is Future Series. Click here for the schedule. Enter through Min Golf.
If you are an international player wanting to enter, send an email to the Swedish Golf Federation. 

Enter the tournaments on Nordic Golf Tour

All players must create a profile in our online entry system. It does not cost anything.

When you have created a profile, you enter a tournament by clicking on "Competitions" followed by "Add" next to the tournament that you wish to enter. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the entry. 

Special guidelines due to Covid-19 (2020) 

Read more about the specific guidelines established by the Swedish Golf Federations here (in Swedish)

Below restrictions apply to official practice round day, Pro-Am day and all tournament days. 


Restrictions due to Covid-19:

  • Players are responsible to withdraw from the tournament and leave the course if they have any symptom of sickness. No medical certificate will be required.

  • No caddies are allowed.

  • No spectators allowed.

  • The tournament will be operated so no more than 50 people gather at the same time, wihtout being able to keep two meter distance. 

  • Practice areas will only be open to players warming up.

  • Players are encouraged to travel by car. If play is suspended, players will be advised to go to their car.

Travel to Sweden

There is a temporary restriction on non-essential travel to Sweden across an external border, meaning from other countries than the EU/EEA, except the UK or Switzerland.

Travel from another EU country such as Denmark or Finland, a country that is part of the EEA such as Norway, from the UK, or from Switzerland will not be affected. 

It is every players' own responsibility to follow restrictions when returning to their home country. 


Player information

  1. About the tour and tournaments
  2. Nordic Golf Tour (NGT) is a new tour initiated by the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish golf federations, as well as the PGA of Sweden. Some tournaments on Nordic Golf Tour are also a part of the LET Access Series (LETAS), which is the developing tour to the Ladies European Tour.

    Future Series is the developing tour to Nordic Golf Tour. Future Series tournaments have a smaller prize fund, starting at 50 000 SEK and attract mostly Swedish players.

  3. Handicap and age limits
  4. The tour is open for professionals as well as amateurs of all nationalities.

    Handicap limit

    Tournaments included in LET Access Series: -2,0.

    Other tournaments only included in Nordic Golf Tour: -8,4.

    Age limit

    Players must be born in 2008 or earlier.

  5. How to enter a tournament
  6. 1. Register as a player and create a profile. It doesn’t cost anything. If you are a Swedish player, use your Golf ID and password to Min Golf. Follow the instructions in the entry system.

    2. Click on the tab “Competitions”.

    3. Click on the button “Add” next to the tournament you would like to enter. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    4. The entry closes at noon 14 days before the start of the tournament and the selection of the field will be made according to the category system.

    5. If you are in the field, the payment will open. You must pay the entry fee no later than 6 PM two days before the start of the tournament.

  7. Entry fees
  8. The entry fee to a tournament included in LET Access Series is 80 euro for both professionals and amateurs.

    The entry fee to other tournaments is 1400 SEK for professionals and 900 SEK for amateurs.

    No tour fee.

    The fees include 6 % VAT.

  9. About LETAS
  10. LETAS stands for Ladies European Tour Access Series and is the developing tour of the Ladies European Tour. Some tournaments on the Nordic Golf Tour are also included in the LETAS order of merit. These tournaments have a higher prize fund of a minimum of 35 000 euro. After the LETAS season, the best ranked players receive category to play on the Ladies European Tour the upcoming season.

    Read more about LETAS here.

  11. Rules and regulations
  12. To claim prize money won in an event
  13. To claim prize money won in events, please send a copy of your passport or identity card together with your bank details (IBAN account details) and postal address to maria.lundin@golf.se.

    There will be a deduction of your prize money as follows:

    Players with a company: 2,5 % levy to SGF Affärsutveckling AB and 15 % tax to the Swedish Government.
    Players without company: 2,5 % levy to SGF Affärsutveckling AB and 15 % + 32 % tax to the Swedish Government.

    Tax information for players outside the EU:

    All international athletes earning money in Sweden are obliged to pay tax to the Swedish Government. Players who are registered residents in a country outside of the European Union, who do not have a registered company to which they collect their earnings, will be subject to an added tax of about 32 %.

    To avoid this added tax, submit proof that you have a company.

Anti-doping (only in Swedish)

Alla idrottsutövare och ledare är skyldiga att känna till dopingreglerna. Här hittar du allt du som golfspelare behöver veta.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sofia Pettersson