ANNIKA Invitational Europe 2017

Welcome to ANNIKA Invitational Europe, part of the R&A World Amateur Golf Rankings. 

Picture 1: Winner of 2017th tournament, Amanda Linnér. Photo: Göran Söderqvist

Results 2017

Swedens most successful golfer of all times, Annika Sörenstam, will be hosting, following and conducting the sixth ANNIKA Invitational Europe on site.

Annika Sörenstam is a winner of 72 official LPGA tournaments including ten majors, and has represented Europe in the Solheim Cup on eight occasions between 1994–2007. 

  1. General information
  2. Halmstad Golf Club

    Date & Venue

    I bilden ser man två grupper av vajande flaggor  från olika nationer som är fästa i marken.

    June 20 - 22, 2017 at Halmstad Golf Club, Sweden.
    Website: Halmstad Golf Club
    Phone: +46 35 17 68 00

    Format of play 

    Strokeplay over 54 holes, 18 holes on each day of the tournament, no cut.

    Junior-Am tournament 

    A Junior-Am tournament will be played June 19th. About 30 players will be asked to participate in the Junior-Am. If a player is asked to participate in the Junior-Am participation is mandatory. 

    Qualifying spots

    ANNIKA Invitational (USA)

    The top three finishers, who have not turned 19 years old on the final day of the 2018 ANNIKA Invitational USA, will receive an invitation.


    ANNIKA Invitational has, in only four years, won three awards from the AJGA. In 2009 the tournament was honored as the Newcomer of the Year and the 2010 event received the Invitational of the Year award. In 2011 ANNIKA Invitational earned the Media Award which recognizes a tournament with outstanding media participation and coverage before, during and after the event across a variety of platforms.

    Cooperation with the AJGA 

    The AJGA has committed to provide the top finishers with “playing status with the AJGA”. This status will enable these finishers to gain entry into some AJGA events.

  3. Entry Conditions
    • A. Participants must be female and born 1st of January 1998 or later.

    • B. All participants must be an amateur golfer in accordance with the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Limited.

    • C. The maximum handicap limit is -4,4.

    • D. The field will be limited to a maximum of 78 players.

    The field will be decided in the following order:

    1. Invitees - The top 48 players on the R&A Womens World Amateur Golf Ranking, published week 1 2017, and who also represents a country that is a member of the European Golf Association will be invited. The closing date to accept invitations is May 11th.

    2. Exemptions - The ANNIKA Foundation and the Swedish Golf Federation will retain six places each - i.e. a total of twelve players.

    3. Open entries - Places will be given to players in order of:

      A. Ranking from the R&A Womens World Amateur Golf Ranking (May 11th)
      B. Handicap

      Open entries will be accepted in the above order regardless of country representation.


    Minimum number of open category entrants is 18. 
    Entries must be submitted no later than May 11th 2017. 

  4. Entry fee
  5. The R&A is supporting the 2017 ANNIKA Invitational Europe. The R&A’s generous financial contribution has substantially reduced the tournament entry fee for each player, providing added benefit and helping grow the game.

    2015 års pristagare i Annika Invitational Europe. Spanska vinnaren Ana Pelaez ler, håller i sin buckla och tittar ner på tvåan som också är spansk. De står på ett podium. På tredje plats står engelska Sophie Lamb och skrattar leende och tittar på tvåan hon med.

    Entry fee will include:

    - Front row seat on Annika clinic on Tuesday afternoon June 20th
    - Two practice rounds and three tournament rounds
    - Five lunches
    - Two dinners (opening dinner Monday June 19th and dinner on Wednesday June 21th)
    - Fruit and drinks on the golfcourse
    - Tourguide (Strokesaver)
    - Trolley
    - Unlimited practice balls on the driving range
    - Transportation to and from Göteborg Landvetter Airport upon arrival and departure on request
    - Wireless internet in the clubhouse
    - Workshops on Wednesday afternoon June 21th

  6. Invited players
  7. The top 48 European players born 1999 or later on the R&A Womens World Amateur Golf Ranking, published week 1, 2017 will be invited. The list of invited players will be published in January. The closing date to accept invitations is May 11th 2017. 

    Name Country
    Julia Engstrom Sweden
    Frida Kinhult Sweden
    Agathe Laisne France
    Pauline Roussin-Bouchard France
    Beatrice Wallin Sweden
    Emma Spitz Austria
    Alessia Nobilio Italy
    Esther Henseleit Germany
    Sara Kouskova Czech Republic
    Caterina Don Italy
    Mathilde Claisse France
    Emilie Paltrinieri Italy
    Clarisse Louis Belgium
    Amanda Linnér Sweden
    Anna Backman Finland
    Paula Neira Garcia Spain
    Line Toft Hansen Denmark
    Isobel Wardle England
    Alessandra Fanali Italy
    Maja Stark Sweden
    Evangeline Prevot France
    Aline Krauter Germany
    Cloe Frankish England
    Linn Grant Sweden
    Karoline Lund Norway
    Charlotte Lafourcade France
    Shannon Stevie McWilliam Scotland
    Daniella Barrett Finland
    Charlotte Liautier France
    Benedetta Moresco Italy
    Gabriela Roberta Vitu Czech Republic
    Tiffany Arafi Switzerland
    Salome Zasio France
    Federica Torre Italy
    Chiara Tamburlini Switzerland
    Candice Mahe France
    Pia Babnik Slovenia
    Elena Verticchio Italy
    Tasa Torbica Italy
    Isabella Holpfer Austria
    Laura Van Respaille France
    Lea Klimentova Slovakia
    Alexandra Forsterling Germany
    Natalia Aseguinolaza Martin Spain
    Janika Ruttimann Austria
    Margaux Appart Belgium
    Raquel Olmos Ros Spain
    Samantha Fuller England
  8. Jun/Am
  9. List of players to the Junior/Am. 

    Name Golf Club
    Alessia Nobilio Golf Club Ambrosiano
    Alexandra Försterling GLC Berlin-Wannsee
    Aline Krauter Stuttgarter Golfclub Solitude
    Amanda Linnér Hills Golf Club
    Beatrice Wallin Hills Golf Club
    Charlotte Liautier Paris Country Club
    Daniella Barrett Aura Golf
    Emma Spitz GC Schloss Schönborn
    Frida Kinhult Skaftö Golf Club
    Isabella Holpfer Reiters Golf & Country Club
    Isobel Wardle Prestbury
    Julia Engström Ringenäs Golf Club
    Karoline Lund Losby GK
    Lea Klimentova Grey Bear Tale
    Line Toft Hansen Hillerød
    Linn Grant Rya Golf Club
    Mahe Candice Dinard
    Maja Stark Abbekås Golf Club
    Sara Kouskova Prague City Golf Club
    Shannon Stevie Mcwilliam Aboyne
    Samantha Fuller Roehampton
    Annabell Fuller Roehampton
    Matilde Stenqvist Ullna Golf Club
    Emilie Øverås Oslo Golfklubb
    Karen Fredgaard Asserbo Golf Club
    Ingrid Lindblad Ringenäs Golf Club
    Marie-Louise Tommerup Smørum golfklub
    Anna Nordfors Göteborgs Golf Club
    Andrea Grimberg Lignell Hills Golf Club
    Alice Götbring Ullna Golf Club
    Alice Sundberg Stockholm Golf Club
    Elina Saksa Aura Golf Turku Finland
    Ellen Hutchinson-Kay Täby Golf Club
    Emma Berlin Täby Golf Club
  10. Transportation and accommodation
  11. Accomodation: 

    Hotel Tylösand
    Reservations: Contact Asa Hagman at Hotel Tylösand,,

    Price list

    1 095 sek/room/night in classic singel room wing building
    1 295 sek/room/night in classic double room wing building

    1 395 sek/room/night in classic design double room main building
    1 595 sek/room/night in classic design doubel room main building

    2 020 sek/room/night in deluxe singel room towards land in main building
    2 220 sek/room/night in deluxe double room towards land in main building
    2 980 sek/room/night in deluxe trippel room towards land in main building

    2 220 sek/room/night in deluxe singel room towards sea in main building
    2 420 sek/room/night in deluxe double room towards sea in main building
    3 280 sek/room/night in deluxe trippel room towards sea in main building

    Trippel room = Double room with bed sofa.

    Nearest airport: 

    Airport official is Göteborg-Landvetter Airport 

    Transportation is provided free of charge from arrival and departure Göteborg-Landvetter Airport

  12. Schedule of Events
  13. Sunday 18 June: First practice day

    Monday 19 June: Second practice day, Junior-Am and Opening dinner (19:00 at Hotel Tylösand). 

    Tuesday 20 June: First round and Annika clinic (starts at 16:00). College Coaches reception and dinner at Halmstad Golf Club. Invitation for College Coaches

    Wednesday 21 June: Second round, Seminars (starts at 16:30) and Barbeque Party with activities.

    Thursday 22 June: Third round and prize giving ceremony. 

  14. History
  15. The ANNIKA Foundation partnered with the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and the inaugural ANNIKA Invitational was held January 16 – 19, 2009 in Reunion, Florida.

    In 2011 the ANNIKA Invitational Asia made it´s debut and in 2012 the ANNIKA Invitational Europe were added. The top three players in both Asia and Europe get invited to the tournament in Orlando the following year.

    Annika Sörenstam står med rosa Callawaykeps och svart jacka och poserar med 2012 år vinnare i Annika Invitational Europe, svenska Linnea Ström.
    Linnea Ström, winner 2012, and Annika

    Annika Sorenstam, when developing her idea of what the ANNIKA Invitational would be, was determined not to make her event "just another tournament." She wanted her invited participants to come away from the ANNIKA Invitational with something more than just a three round aggregate score.

    Her experience had taught her that it takes more than a good golf swing and putting stroke to be a winner on the competitive tours. To have a successful career you need to balance your life, you need life skills and that is the content in workshops that take place after play at an ANNIKA Invitational.

    Final results:


    Click here to read about the ANNIKA Invitational on Annika Foundations website


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